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About Us


Conceived in Kentucky in 2007, ADS embarked on a journey to employee quality team members, provide quality designs, support quality equipment and produce exemplary systems and services. ADS founders were motivated by a lack of service and expertise provided to them as end users, and felt very strongly about the need to fill this void. ADS embraces the challenges of learning the various cultures and operating requirements of our partners. We covet the opportunity to become a trusted member of any organization and provide security solutions that become part of the fabric of the culture and enhance both the security position and operating parameters for each organization, facility, space and person.


ADS’ capabilities include assessment, design, coordination, project management, training, service, and consultation of all physical security design considerations including video security, perimeter security, Access Control Systems (ACS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). ADS, in coordination with our strategic partners, provides executive personal protective services, corporate global travelers security programs, security force training, and corporate team building through tactical operations adventure training. Our extensive experience includes the development, testing, installation, integration and deployment of critically needed technical capabilities such as Command and Control Platforms, Video Security, Access Control, Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Counter Measures, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, LPR, Wireless (RF and Microwave) Communications, Secure Internet Communications, as well as Covert Surveillance Solutions.


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The ADS Team



David Smith

An experienced and accomplished security business leader, David directs ADS' vision and mission in providing enterprise solutions. Joining ADS in 2017, David has applied his "team to lead" approach driving our growth from the inside.