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Professional Services

The following are the various services as provided by ADS. These services can be included in a full scope package, or provided a la carte. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like to learn more about a specific offering.



ADS Commissioning Engineers are manufacturer certified programmers. Our commissioning services include systems programming/ configuration and full systems functionality testing and reporting.


Support and Service

ADS Service and Support is managed and appointed by the ADS Operations team.  ADS service and maintenance packages include on-site support, call in tier 1 support, remote support, programming support, systems and cardholder administration and preventive maintenance


Project Management

All ADS Operations Managers have experience as security systems Project Managers.  Even if you did not procure your design, products, commissioning or integration from ADS, we can manage your security project.  ADS has managed security projects ranging from $50k to $10million.


Custom Solutions

ADS Custom Solutions are available for specialty services and products as may be required for a complete security or business intelligence solution. These services may include database migration and integration, remote surveillance platforms, rapid deployment systems and integrated analytics.


Design & Consultation

The foundation of all ADS services is our dedicated engineering team. Our Engineers can provide security risk assessments, provide consultation of systems functionality and design complete integrated systems to deliver a solution that is customized to your organization’s operations and requirements.



The ADS Operations team are high character, manufacturer certified experts dedicated to the operation and function of each security component they are responsible for. OSHA certified and safety conscious, the team is continually exposed to a multitude of installation types for rounded deployment capabilities.



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