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The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution.

`Charles Kettering

ADS’ solutions are compromised of enterprise products and software. Each ADS solution is carefully considered and designed to meet the specific goals for each designated component. ADS has many possible solutions developed for deployment to meet the many possible problems facing organizations.

Security Solutions

Video Security

ADS solutions provide that video security is designed for purpose to include required resolution for function, scene and area lighting conditions and installation location environmental conditions.  The ADS solution video security approach provides for what ADS has termed “Concentric Video Awareness.”

Infrastructure & Communications Solutions


The ADS solution includes IP based intercom solutions for building entrances, ADA operator doorways, interior room entrances, loading dock areas and vehicle gate locations.  These intercoms include both video (visual verification) and/or two-way audio for communications.  The solution provides full time recording and viewing of the audio and/or video.

Software Solutions

Unified Security Platform

ADS provides Unified Security Platform solutions to empower users with a full view of current security conditions by capturing and presenting information from all security systems in the environment.

Remote Solutions

HA-X Series

The Advanced Digital Solutions HA-X Series has been designed for quick deployment in harsh environments. Providing video oversight of areas for security and monitoring of operational efficiencies with no infrastructure other than access to direct sunlight.  The cameras can provide  wide-area  coverage or be focused down a perimeter for absolute flexibility.

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